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    We are always looking for new members committed to our cause. A position on the team would involve financial management, event organization, and work with our Uzbek partners. The ability to travel to Uzbekistan is not required but preferred. We are highly interested in any candidates with a background in nonprofits, finance, environmental studies, and Central Asian studies.

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The Ecological Service Trip

​     The Aral Region is a symptom of the impending climate catastrophe. It is a meaningful lesson of what awaits other desiccating areas of the globe (take the Colorado River Basin) in 50 years if we do not take action now. In WARC’s experience, anyone can be an ecological activist, in whatever field they are pursuing, as long as they commit to meaningful, intentional activism.

     The Ecological Service Trip aims to put college students from leading US and Uzbekistani universities in dialogue with rural high schoolers who lack the same education opportunities. You will craft a series of interactive lessons that you will teach over a week to a village classroom in the Aral Region. You will discuss ecological advocacy, potential solutions for the Aral Crisis and differences between water attitudes in Tashkent, New York and Karakalpakstan. After your stay, you will mentor the high schoolers in creating
their own ecological project, showing them how they can build innovative solutions for local challenges from the ground up. Then, you will help install a reverse osmosis filter with WARC, to provide clean water to the school.

     In addition, you will present your field of expertise at a high-level meeting with UNDP officials and Uzbekistani parliamentarians, and you will have a chance to travel the Silk Road, studying its historical relationship to water resources. The thematic question of our trip is: How can we foster societies that are long-run sustainable about our water resources?

     A trip with us to Uzbekistan not only involves the opportunity to help a community in need but also opens the door to an adventure through the historic centre of the Silk Road. As part of your trip to Uzbekistan, you will have the chance to visit the ancient Timurid capital of Samarkand, contemporary Uzbek society in ultra-modern Tashkent, the famed ship graveyard and the dried Port of Muynak.  


Main Events

  1. Orientation in Tashkent

  2. School Mini Projects Program

  3. Nukus: Discovering Karakalpak Culture

  4. Moynaq: The Graveyard of Ships

  5. Ancient Khorezm 

  6. Samarkand: Ancient and Modern Solutions for Urban Water Use

Skills Developed

  1. Environmental Activism

  2. Ecological Education

  3. Project management

  4. Monitoring and evaluation

  5. Research on water policy



  1. Install a 100 L/hour reverse osmosis filter

  2. Develop 5 mini-projects

  3. Lead an interactive lesson on your field of study for rural high-schoolers

  4. Meetings with UNDP, ecological non-profits, universities, ecological activists

  5. Learn about the challenges faced by residents of the Aral Sea Region and discover the history and cultures of the Silk Road in Uzbekistan

March 2018, Members of the World Aral Region Charity's Arts group pours water from all around the world on one desert tree in the Aral.

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