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Research is vital in an overlooked crisis like the Aral. For us, it is a necessary tool to ensure we are making a true impact on the region. We facilitate different research programs to help us and the Central Asian region better understand what we can do for the Aral.

The World Aral Region Scholar Network 

We are currently piloting a network of scholars studying the Aral crisis. The benefits of the network are:

  • an international community of experts

  • multidisciplinary dialogue (geology, ecology, history, sociology, etc.)

  • on-site research opportunities through WARC

  • conference and guest speaker opportunities

  • data collection from WARC

Recent Projects

08/19/2018 - Samarkand Symposium: In partnership with the Turon Academy- Samarkand Division, the World Aral Region Charity organized a symposium on the role of southwest Uzbekistan in the Aral Crisis and methods by which a bottom-up campaign for water sustainability among farmers in the agriculturally profitable regions can be developed. Participants included leading local journalists, businessmen, politicians and academics. A report is currently being produced on the results of the event.

As a result of the symposium, a resolution was drafted to organize the "Investing in the Aral" Business Initiative.

The World Aral Region Research Conference

Within the next 2 years, we aim to organize a multidisciplinary research conference to promote interest in the Aral Region and the Aral crisis in the US. We would like to bring together specialists in geology, ecology, water purification, agricultural sciences, medicine, nutrition, anthropology, history, political science, and art history to discuss the past and future of the Aral Region. We also hope to invite partnering researchers from Uzbekistan. We will work with the partnering university to publish the conference’s presentations. If interested in this project, please reach out to us.

If interested in any of the resources we can provide, please contact us. We have an international network of multidisciplinary scholars studying the Aral crisis and a library of sources.

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