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Our Projects

Eco-Service Schools 2023

       In May 2023, WARC's annual ecological education project, "Eco-Service Schools," took place in Turtkul, Karakalpakstan. The project, which ran from May 16th to 30th, promoted sustainable ecological practices within schools, focusing on efficient water use and field irrigation methods. Our project combined both service and education: the WARC team installed two reverse-osmosis water filters at Schools 39 and 47 in the village of Janbaskala. Then it engaged students in a dynamic educational program that covered a wide range of environmental topics.

Our core curriculum consisted of four components: engineering, group model building, environmental advocacy, and theater. Building on the knowledge they gained during our seminars, students engaged in real-world exercises: they built drip irrigation systems on the school grounds, performed a play inspired by local oral histories, and conducted a mock trial to resolve ecological issues such as those faced by their community, among other activities

Community Partners: the Uzbekistan Ecological Party, The Youth Affairs Agency of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers, The Bek School, Leader School, Smart School, and New Tone School, UN Joint Programme for the Aral Sea

Update: WARC Project Report 2023 is out! ↓



  • Install RO filters at 4 schools to reduce the incidence of anemia

  • Lead 4 education programs, to inspire innovative collaboration amongst youth to solve ecological problems via an engineering methodology

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Children's Vitamins

        In August 2017, to inaugurate our work in Muynak, we donated vitamin packages to the local children's clinic. Lacking the economic resources to care for their medical and nutritional well-being, the inhabitants of Muynak have faced malnutrition, respiratory diseases, and cancer. Women and children are facing the worst of these illnesses, including a widespread epidemic of anemia, a disease often caused by the lack of vitamins. 

         On each trip to Muynak, we bring 50 packages of children's vitamins to help relieve this urgent health crisis. The vitamins help prevent children from developing chronic nutrient deficiency diseases during early development. This project is a low-cost initiative which has a direct impact on the local community.

Community Partners: Muynak Children's Clinic


  • Provide 250 vitamin packages



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