Uzbek Souvenir Sales

As part of our March 2019 fundraising to install filters at schools in Khorezm, anyone who donates $5 and above will get one free, handmade souvenir, fabric, hat and or piece jewelry from Uzbekistan. See below for current options.

Annual Nowruz Celebration

      We deeply believe that, to understand the Aral Crisis, people must first understand the history, culture and customs of the people affected. What better way to learn about the Aral Region than Nowruz? An ancient festival marking the New Year, Nowruz is one of the most important holidays in Central Asia. 

      Over the last two years, we have organized Nowruz celebrations as a method of raising awareness of Central Asia, and hence the Aral, in the United States.  In 2016, we took part in International House Philadelphia's celebration. In 2017, we organized an NYC Nowruz celebration with Columbia University's student council, the Eurasia Group, Star Entertainment, and the Permanent Mission of Uzbekistan to the UN. We were very honored to organize such a high-level event and invite anyone interested in Central Asia to join us next Spring!