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Project Buyrachi and Muynak Revival (March-August 2018)

In March 2018, we traveled to Buyrachi and Moynaq, Uzbekistan to plant fruit and poplar trees which would help detoxify soil and provide a sustainable source of nutrition for local inhabitants, many of whom suffer of anemia.

In partnership with the Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan, Buyrachi School #38 and Xokimyat of Moynak, we planted 2,200 various fruit trees and poplar trees, including apple, apricot, plum, and cherry. We also planted poplar trees, which metabolize harmful toxins, revitalize the local ecosystem and stabilize soil. 

We also led an educational program on environmental activism for 40 local high-schoolers . Via sessions on environmental advocacy and project management, we helped students develop their own project proposals.

This project was funded by individual donors from our Adopt A Tree Program and Columbia University.

Community Partners: Aral Eko Tur, Eco-Movement of Uzbekistan, The Youth Union of Uzbekistan, Moynaq Xokimyat, Khorezm Forestry, Buyrachi High School #38


  • 1000 apple, pear, apricot, cherry trees planted in Buyrachi School #38

  • 150 apple/pear trees, 60 meters of grapes, and 40 bushes of roses planted at Urgench School #2

  • 1050 apple, pear, apricot and cherry trees distributed to needy families, nursery, children's camp, and forestry in Muynak

  • 2 industrial water pumps donated to Urgench School #2 and Muynak Hospital to allow for year-round irrigation

  • School materials for 270 students distributed to 4 schools in Khorezm and Karakalpakstan

  • Children's art and poetry competition on theme of "Rebirth for the Aral" in Buyrachi School #38

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