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Muynak Summit- March 2018

Following the completion of Project Buyrachi Revival, WARC organized a 2-day summit for partnering government agencies and NGOs in Muynak

Muynak is a 4 hours drive from Khorezm, and most participating leaders never have never had a chance to visit and collaborate with the municipality, which has been the most hard hit by the Aral Crisis. Participants met with the Hokim (Mayor)  and local NGOs in order to discuss common methods for restoring the pre-Aral ecology and potential avenues for partnership. 

Participating organizations: NGO Nur Va Xayot, the Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan, the State Committee for Protection of the Environment, Buyrachi School #38, the Muynak Forestry, the Khorezm Ministry for Education, the Muynak Hokimyat, Muynak School #3

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