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Building a Unified Front for Environmental Advocacy Among Youth in Uzbekistan

We lead seminars in ecological advocacy for both young leaders of various backgrounds.

This project aims to empower rural youth to advocate for the ecological well-being of their community on national platforms to alter stereotypes and build bridges between rural and urban youth. 

In 2019, we organized our first session of training and trainings in three schools of Khorezm and in Moynaq for rural high-schoolers.

Consequently, WARC has organized the following training sessions:

-Fall 2020 Russian-US Internship Training in Eco-Activism

-Winter 2021 Masterclass in Project Design

-Summer 2021 Project Development Seminar (Ibrat Camp)

-Summer 2022 Project Development Seminar

Topics discussed: differences in urban/rural attitudes towards the environment, the benefits of pursuing higher education, cooperation of urban/rural communities regarding the environment, building effective goals and objectives, stakeholder management, project sustainability, elevator pitches

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