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Aralim Arts Initiative

Through a multi-media initiative comprising music and abri bahor painting, we raise awareness of the Aral Basin's unique, threatened cultures.

In the spirit of artistic revival and activism, we brought together a team of young international artists to produce a collaborative series devoted to such sites. WARC selected three young composers from Singapore, Tashkent and Karakalpakstan to collaborate with filmmaker Elzhon Abassov to score a new art film on the Aral. The piece premiered in April 2019.

Aralim also independently curated an interactive exhibit at the Tashkent Biennale and at schools and orphanages across the country over 2018. The exhibit uses a form of traditional water painting called "Abru Bahor" to help children materialize the Aral's revival. The drawings by Karakalpak children were exhibited in Tashkent on an interactive floor model of the Aral Sea.

Community Partners: Eco-Movement of Uzbekistan, Aralim Arts Group

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